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Spot Cooling

Aqua Products has finally solved the problem of cooling employee work areas that were thought to be impossible and too expensive to cool before! The spot cooling System is a chilled water air conditioning system that provides a stream of cool dry air to each employee at their work area. This system is designed for large areas or areas that have added heat from production. The specially designed chiller combined with our high pressure water cooled air handler provides conditioned air only to the areas needing it. This system can take 100% outside air, dehumidify and cool the air by about 15 to 20° F in a single pass. The cooled air is passed through our high pressure blower, forced down a super insulated round duct and then flows to the employee’s work area. The employee has complete control of the direction of the air flow by adjusting the fitting to their comfort level.

Unlike standard air conditioning systems our chilled water system will never ice up the air handler and possibly destroy itself. Hydro-Star Spot Cooling™ was originally developed for the dry cleaning industry. Since then, it has evolved into an effective cooling system for any large facility where standard air conditioning is considered ineffective and expensive. spot cooling effectively provides air conditioned, dehumidified air to each employee workstation at a fraction of the price of standard air conditioning system. With spot cooling, it doesn’t matter if a company has 5 or 500,000 employees, the system can be designed to cool each of the employees. Current businesses that utilize spot cooling have noticed boosted employee morale, limited sick days, reduced turn over, better job performance and a higher quality of employees seeking work with their company.


Package Chiller

An air cooled chiller used to produce 44°F water which is our typical design for air conditioning applications.

  • Provides work station cooling equal to air conditioning. 
  • Dehumidification at each individual work station.
  • Offers cool dry air at 800 Feet per minute providing comfort and safety to the employees.

High Velocity Air Handler

This special Aqua Products design, high velocity air handler is the heart of the Hydro-Star™ spot cooling System. Designed for 100% outside air.

This will distribute cool, dehumidified air through a main duct system at a high velocity so each employee receives the maximum amount air conditioned air at the work station.

Air Distribution Outlets

Super-Flex Outlets:

3” Super-Flex outlets are installed at each work station. This gives each employee the ability to adjust the air flow and providing optimum comfort at each work station.

Air Curtain:

For those locations where there is a long, straight area where employees work, an air curtain can be installed to provide these employees the comfort they desire while they work.

Standard Layout

There are limitless ways to install the spot cooling system and it can be custom designed for any facility no matter how many workstations require cooling.

Below is a standard diagram of the spot cooling system for illustration purposes only. Please let our staff help you custom design a system that best fits your facility.

Satisfied Clients

The companies listed below are just a few of the many who have installed the spot cooling system with great success from small dry cleaners to large industrial facilities, we are the expert and can help you.