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Reverse Cycle Chiller

Reverse Cycle Chiller SystemThe Reverse Cycle Chiller System is the latest in heat pump technology which converts a high efficiency heat pump system into a hydronic heat pump which will produce hot water for heating a home or office without back up heat down to 0°f.

Now you can have a total electric system that will out perform any fossil fuel systems and provide the ultimate comfort of radiant floor heating, forced air and/or ductless fan coils.

Reverse Cycle Chiller is the Geothermal Alternative!

A Reverse Cycle Chiller Testimonial

A Flexible Solution

Heating and cooling today’s residences can be a complex challenge. But now there’s an easy solution, thanks to the Reverse Cycle Chiller™ system by Aqua Products Company, Inc.

With Reverse Cycle Chillers, you are no longer limited to standard (DX) or ground source heat pumps. That’s because reverse cycle chiller technology is a smart alternative that provides the flexibility and performance required by demanding residential applications. Depending on the configuration, reverse cycle chiller system can supply water as low as 44° f for summer air conditioning and up to 120° f for winter heating. Because the water supply is carried in a piped circuit, you can use forced-air or high-pressure central air systems or ductless fan coils for heating and air conditioning and even employ the unmatched comfort of in-floor radiant heat. Zoning, pool heating, snow melting and other up-scale options are also easily accomplished with reverse cycle chiller.

About Reverse Cycle Chiller

The reverse cycle chiller will produce up to 120° f hot water for forced air and/or radiant floor heating plus 44° f chilled water for air conditioning, providing complete comfort with one efficient unit.

The modular design of the system allows multiple units to be piped together to achieve essentially any size load.

This provides true staging and redundancy which is not found with a standard DX heat pump system.

The reverse cycle chiller is ideal for home or offices from 500 to 50,000 square feet and will cost a fraction of a standard heat pump system to operate.

Available in environmentally friendly R-410A and compatible with most hydronic Solar Systems.

Conserving Energy

One of the great advantages of reverse cycle chiller System is that it can use up to 10% fewer kw/hour when compared to a geothermal heat pump.

The Reverse Cycle Chiller’s ability to match required heating loads is the main reason for such savings. Other heat pumps must be sized to the cooling load. Consequently, capacity for heating call fall short by half, requiring supplemental electronic heaters (heat strips). However, the reverse cycle chiller can be sized to the heat load with back-up heating only for emergencies.

Plus, it’s modular design makes it possible to use multiple modules for staging, redundancy and load sharing for facilities from 1,500 to 30,000 square feet.

Reverse Cycle Chiller Design

For installation simplicity, the reverse cycle chiller system provides heating and cooling in one system. It is designed as an air-source heat pump using two insulated pipes to deliver water in a closed loop for hydronic heating and chilled water air conditioning. Reverse Cycle chiller is designed for use with most major brands of heat pump, the system takes advantage of air to water to air heat transfer to deliver outstanding performance at temperatures of 10° f and lower.

Site preparation is much simpler too. Unlike ground source heat pumps, reverse cycle chiller doesn’t require digging a geothermal well for use as a heat source. Instead, a tank is used for capacity control to protect the system during times of low output and during defrost cycling and to prevent the unit from short-cycling in summer.

Hotter Heat

The most common misconception about the reverse cycle chiller system is much like that of a standard (DX) heat pump, “Heat pumps don’t produce heat at outdoor temperatures below 40° f.”

While this statement may be true with a standard heat pump, it is far from true with the reverse cycle chiller. As seen in this photograph, we are able to achieve water temperatures of 100° f and higher, even when the outdoor temperatures drop below freezing.