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Dry Cleaning

Water Chillers For Dry Cleaning Applications

Water Chillers For Dry Cleaning ApplicationsAqua Products Company Dry Cleaning Chillers   Dry cleaning machines require cool water to operate properly. For years, many have just used city water and dumped it down the drain. This practice is very costly in monthly water and sewer rates. In many areas of the United States it is a federal violation to do this. For this reason, many dry cleaning establishments have relied on chillers to provide a closed loop of re-circulated water to cool their dry cleaning machines.

Since 1993, Aqua Products Company has earned respect in the dry cleaning industry for the unmatched quality chilled water systems manufactured.

Water Chillers For Dry Cleaning ApplicationsAqua Products Company Chillers for the Dry Cleaning Industry.Each chiller is custom designed for the application, so you can be sure that the system you purchase will perform from the start and operate for years to come. It's this attention to detail that has made Aqua Products the leader in small tonnage chillers for dry cleaning applications.

Aqua Products now offers the first environmentally friendly dry cleaning chiller with 410-A refrigerant. Now you can feel good about your environmental impact when your chiller is operating.

Standard Features

2 - 20 Tons

DCP - Package chiller with Tank, Pump and Condensing Unit.
DCS - Modular chiller with Condensing Unit. (Tank and pump are available as a separate option)

Condensing Unit:

  • High Efficiency Models.
  • Five Year Compressor Warranty.
  • HCFC R-410A Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant.
    (Factory Pre-charged.)

Heat Exchanger:

  • High Efficiency Helical Design Coil.
  • Copper Inner Tube/Steel Outer Jacket.
  • Insulated.


  • Single Point Main Power.
  • Designed for Indoor or Outdoor Installation.
  • Factory Wired and Run Tested Before Shipping.


  • 24 Volt Control System.
  • Digital Controller with Adjustable Set-point.


  • Low Pressure Safety Switch with Automatic Reset.
  • High Pressure Safety Switch with Manual Reset.
  • Water Flow Switch.
  • Low Ambient Fan Cycle Control.


  • Powder Painted Aluminum.
  • 1000 Hour Salt Spray Tested.
  • Easy Access Panel.


  • ETL and cETL.


  • 1 Year Limited Parts.
  • 5 Year Compressor.