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Data Centers

Water Chillers For Data Center Applications

Water Chillers For Data Center ApplicationsData Centers are a vital component in today’s technology. Without data centers we wouldn’t have services like Google, Yahoo or even your online banking capabilities. These data centers are simply a collection of multiple computer servers which work together to provide information available to network and/or Internet users.

There are many uses for data centers. Some of these include: search engines, banking centers, hospitals and even companies like Walmart, Sears and Target rely on data centers for providing information to their customers and employees.

The biggest issue facing data centers is that each server produces a tremendous amount of heat and it is critical to maintain the processor in the server at  a temperature lower than 76°f. This can be achieved using standard air conditioning systems. However, this approach is very expensive because it requires much larger systems to maintain and the strain put on standard air conditioning systems is very large causing equipment failure. The best option is using chilled water. Chillers maintain a better level of temperature using a smaller tonnage system and affording the option of using a fluid cooler in areas with low ambient winter temperature. This is the least expensive, most economical option for data center applications which provides supreme flexibility.

Standard Features

2 - 20 Tons

DCP - Package chiller with Tank, Pump and Condensing Unit.
DCS - Modular chiller with Condensing Unit. (Tank and pump are available as a separate option)

Condensing Unit:

  • High Efficiency Models.
  • Five Year Compressor Warranty.
  • HCFC R-410A Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant.
    (Factory Pre-charged.)

Heat Exchanger:

  • High Efficiency Helical Design Coil.
  • Copper Inner Tube/Steel Outer Jacket.
  • Insulated.


  • Single Point Main Power.
  • Designed for Indoor or Outdoor Installation.
  • Factory Wired and Run Tested Before Shipping.


  • 24 Volt Control System.
  • Digital Controller with Adjustable Set-point.


  • Low Pressure Safety Switch with Automatic Reset.
  • High Pressure Safety Switch with Manual Reset.
  • Water Flow Switch.
  • Low Ambient Fan Cycle Control.


  • Powder Painted Aluminum.
  • 1000 Hour Salt Spray Tested.
  • Easy Access Panel.


  • ETL and cETL.


  • 1 Year Limited Parts.
  • 5 Year Compressor.