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About Us


Aqua Products Chillers - 1993Aqua Products was incorporated under the laws of the State of South Carolina on April 30, 1993 to produce and distribute a line of high quality chillers. Since that time they have been successful in not only producing high quality chillers but, have also introduced to the market a line of modular chillers, a new line of hydronic heating and air conditioning and a successful line of industrial spot cooling.

John W. Seppamaki and another original partner, both of South Carolina, teamed up in the spring of 1993 and successfully built Aqua Products Company from the ground up. Mr. Seppamaki has headed the administrative, sales and marketing side of the firm, while Mr. Bayer had been the head of product service, and production.

Aqua Products had a modest beginning by producing its first chiller units out of a 960 square foot building at the home of Scott Bayer in Newberry, SC.


Aqua Products Chillers - 1994Aqua Products quickly outgrew the original site and purchased a larger manufacturing facility in the fall of 1994, located at 910 Friend Street in historic downtown Newberry.

Sales office relocated the summer of 1997 from Mr. Seppamaki’s home to an office suite in Lexington, SC.

The sales office included a display room which showcased the company’s products and a training center for distributors and sales associates.


Aqua Products Chillers - CurrentThe Company has continued its steady growth and moved into its present location in January, 2001 at 14301 C.R. Koon Hwy., Newberry, SC. Aqua Products’ 14,400 sq. ft. facility is its only location. Administration, sales, and production are finally under one roof.

The new corporate facility is a showcase of Aqua Products achievement in technology. This is a total electric facility that has incorporated Aqua Products Company, Inc. reverse cycle chiller system for heating and cooling. This new system called the Reverse Cycle Chiller™ uses only eight tons of unique air source heat pump to provide hot water radiant floor heat plus chilled water air conditioning.

The production area uses one of Aqua Products designed employee station cooling products called the Hydro Star spot cooling System. The quality of our products and the innovations we have achieved has kept us in the forefront of small chiller technology.

We have become a leader in developing new niche products which are designed to improve our quality of life both at home and at work. Our chillers have been sold around the world. Applications include Air Conditioning, Medical Equipment Cooling, Industrial Process Cooling, Potable Water Chillers, OEM Chillers, and special design applications including the use of Solar, Wood Boilers and R-410A refrigerant.

Aqua Products Company, Inc., has been recognized by the Governor of South Carolina by being awarded the Job Creator Award for its work with employing high school students and giving them on the job training while working towards both their high school and college degrees in the field of HVAC. Aqua Products has contributed to the YMCA by sponsoring a soccer team and providing equipment for the after school program. The stock holders of Aqua Products firmly believe that by giving back to the community and supporting our schools and students that they are contributing to the betterment of our nation’s workforce in the future.

Mr. Seppamaki purchased 100% of the stock of Aqua Products Company in October of 2006. According to Mr. Seppamaki, “I feel that the first 14 years are only the beginning and I am looking forward to continuing the development of innovative products related to comfort heating and cooling with an emphasis directed toward energy saving while protecting our environment with new and innovated green products.”