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  • Industrial Chillers

    We have been building Chillers for industrial applications since 1993.
    Our Process applications include: Recirculation Chillers, Single Pass,
    Jacket Cooling, Quenching, Batch Cooling, Custom Design, OEM etc.

  • Employee Workstation
    Spot Cooling

    Instead of trying to cool the entire drycleaners we designed a system
    that would bring a 3” tube of dry air conditioned air to each employee
    making the more productive and comfortable in an extreme environment.

  • Modular Air
    Conditioning Chillers

    Our popular Chiller designs for solving your air conditioning need is our DCS modular Chiller.
    We have two three models to choose from.

  • Versatile Aqua Flex
    DCS Modular Chiller

    Our Aqua Flex Chiller was designed to be innovative the way all chiller system should be built.
    The Aqua Flex is versatile it can cover almost all applications.
    The Flex is capable of staging each module saving you energy.

BrewMaster Brewery Chillers

Craft Brewing and Microbreweries by Aqua Products BrewMaster Chillers is one of the best designed chillers, made with pride, in the USA.

Package Brewery Chillers

The Aqua BrewMaster DCP Package Glycol Chillers are designed to re-circulate water/glycol to maintain the set temperature of your brewery processes needs.

Modular Brewery Chillers

Modular Chillers Do Not Contain a Tank or Pump and Can be Paired with Other Modules.

iSmart Modular Brewery Chillers

The iSmart Modular Brewery Chiller is High Efficiency, Small Footprint and Quiet!

Welcome to Aqua Products, the Leader in Keeping Things Cool!

 Aqua Products Company, Inc was incorporated May of 1993 and is considered by many the finest manufacturer of superior quality, smaller tonnage chiller systems from 2 to 25 tons.

  Aqua Products Company, Inc is the frontrunner building the best chillers for many applications, such as: dry cleaning chillers, medical chillers, brewery chillers, bakery chillers, winery chillers, restaurant chillers, marine chillers, potable water chillers, air conditioning chillers, plastics chillers and many more.

  Thousands of companies worldwide lean on Aqua Products Company, Inc. because of our extensive knowledge of many different industries as well as the remarkable quality and craftsmanship of systems produced.

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